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Leadership for a Better West Michigan

TalentFirst exists because the CEOs of West Michigan have aligned on behalf of regionwide prosperity, with the understanding that our success depends on a reliable supply of world-class talent. No other group is better positioned nor has greater insight and influence to drive solutions to the complex talent challenges we face. 

The CEO Council is an exclusive professional membership and networking group for CEOs, presidents, executive directors, and business owners in West Michigan. TalentFirst provides the table where these top executives come together.

The CEO Council provides top executives with the rare opportunity to collaborate with peers to drive solutions on behalf of their organization and our entire region. Benefits of membership include:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Valuable Data & Insights
  • Advocacy & Influence
  • Professional Development
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Visibility & Reputation
  • Innovation & Best Practices

Not Just Talk — Action

CEOs lead our working groups — TalentFirst’s uniquely effective model for illuminating, evaluating, and advocating solutions to enhance the talent pool in our region. Each working group is composed of a cross section of regional expertise and leadership to drive the group’s direction and to identify the relevant issues and action directions. 

Join this Exclusive Group Transforming West Michigan

To learn more about the collective impact made possible by our CEO Council and how the council is leading West Michigan to the top 20% percent of regions for workforce quality, contact TalentFirst President Kevin Stotts

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TalentFirst is a CEO alliance providing leadership on today’s complex talent challenges. We rely on data and expertise to illuminate gaps, evaluate strategies, and advocate for solutions to attract, retain, and develop the talent West Michigan employers need and to ensure all individuals and the region can thrive. 

Members include CEOs, presidents, and business owners from employers in the 13-county region of West Michigan.

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