Our Mission

Mission, Vision & Values

TalentFirst is an alliance of CEOs working with educators, workforce leaders, policymakers and others dedicated to making West Michigan a leader in world-class talent. By collaborating on a regional scale to increase the quantity and quality of talent, we are elevating our region’s status as a place where employers want to locate and grow, so everyone who lives and works here can thrive.

Serving 13 counties in West Michigan, TalentFirst provides vision, insights and solutions by convening stakeholders, streamlining processes, and leveraging energies toward our shared mission. 

Our Mission

Catalyze an aligned talent system from early childhood to career, so employers have the talent they need now and in the future. 

Our Vision

Be among the top 20% of regions for workforce quality nationally, a place where employers want to locate because of the quality and availability of talent here. 

Our Work

TalentFirst’s unique working group structure allows collaboration on an unmatched scale. Our CEO members are supported in their leadership of the working groups by a team of dedicated staff members who provide data, insights, and cross-sector collaboration grounded in the following values and behaviors: 

Our Values


    We challenge everyone to achieve greater success and are forward-looking to anticipate needs and problems, knowing that long-term success requires more than being simply reactive.


    We believe that rigorous, unbiased evaluation is essential to delivering proven solutions, as well as holding ourselves and others accountable.


    We don’t just identify problems; we strive for solutions that are implementable, actionable, and measurable.


    We believe that success is a universal objective and therefore must be within reach for all, without exception.

Our Behaviors


    We provide trusted insight, direction, guidance, and support to make an impact in all we do.


    We work with our members and stakeholders to identify needs and problems, and we work together to achieve success.


    We are welcoming of all experiences, backgrounds, and viewpoints, prizing the diverse perspectives that inform and strengthen our work and our community.


    We act with purpose and persistence to achieve the transformational change we seek.