Put Our Research Expertise to Work

TalentFirst is widely respected for its objective, high-quality and influential research encompassing a range of complex topics. Government agencies, nonprofits and advocacy groups turn to us make sense of the forces driving labor markets, wages, education and more.

In addition to the data-based research driven by our working groups, TalentFirst’s body of work includes studies conducted in under contract with regional and statewide organizations. (See examples below.)

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Examples of Our Work

Talent Outlook: Muskegon Community College

This comprehensive examination of the labor market served by Muskegon Community College provided insights to enable realignment of education programs to a job market disrupted by the pandemic. 

Balancing the Scales: A Proposal for a Systemwide Wage Scale to Address Michigan’s Early Childhood Education Crisis

Produced in partnership with the Early Childhood Investment Corporation, this report leveraged public data sources to assess wages, employment trends, and other relevant characteristics of critical early childhood teaching roles for 16 regions across Michigan.