Our Goals

Our 5-Year Goals

West Michigan’s competitive advantage — and economic success for those who live here — will be determined by the quality and availability of a skilled and engaged workforce. Here are the five key measures we have targeted to become among the top 20% regions for talent in the nation by 2026: 

Increase Labor Force Participation

Increase the region’s labor force by 11,500 workers 16 and older.

Labor force participation is a strong measure of the quality and skill of a region’s workforce.

Grow Postsecondary Credentials

Add 56,600 adults 25 and older with a postsecondary credential to the region’s labor pool.

Education and skills are the currency of a knowledge-based economy — and we know employers examine the quality of a region’s workforce when looking to expand or relocate. 

Reduce Racial and Ethnic Gaps

Add 300 underrepresented talent to the labor force, increase employment by 460 and increase per-capita income by $5,235.

Removing racial and ethnic disparities in unemployment and income would benefit everyone who lives in West Michigan, filling vacancies and adding prosperity to the region. 

Shorten Time to Fill Jobs

Reduce by four days the average time it takes for TalentFirst members to fill job postings.

Efficient connection with high-quality talent improves the candidate experience, reduces employer expenses and keeps businesses on track. 

Boost Talent Retention Rate

Increase TalentFirst member talent retention rate by 10%.

Turnover is expensive and disruptive — especially when talent is scarce. An engaged workforce, with employees finding fulfilling work, supports the success of an organization

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