Welcome to a new era of making
West Michigan a leading region for talent.

Our new name, TalentFirst, reaffirms our role in ensuring West Michigan is first in strategies to attract, develop and retain world-class talent. 

First in providing opportunities for all. First in advancing education. First in data-based insights, innovation and advocacy.

Join our workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

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Illuminate. Evaluate. Advocate.

TalentFirst is a catalyst working to ensure an ongoing supply of world-class talent for West Michigan. Composed of over 100 CEOs from the region, TalentFirst illuminates gaps, evaluates leading practices, and advocates for the implementation of those leading practices to make West Michigan a top 20 employment region.

Our Region. Our Mission.

TalentFirst serves 13 counties in West Michigan, embracing the industries, businesses, and educational institutions of each county. We convene stakeholders from each of these sectors and facilitate an efficient collaboration that integrates resources, streamlines processes, and leverages energies to address the talent demand needs of each sector.

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Our Members.

TalentFirst is composed of a diverse and representative array of the region’s business, educational, and civic leaders... a powerful force for meeting the talent demand of today and tomorrow.