DE&I Employer Toolkit

Practical strategies to welcome an increasingly diverse workforce, create inclusive environments, and make West Michigan a leading talent region where everyone can thrive.

Becoming a national leader for talent demands organizational and talent management strategies that leave no one behind. West Michigan can only succeed if everyone can thrive here.

West Michigan employers and talent and diversity experts share these tools in recognition that diversity and inclusion strategies must be embedded in systems, processes, policies, and culture. And to accomplish this on a regional scale, employers must lead the way.

The result is a richer talent pool, better retention, stronger organizations, increased economic mobility, and greater participation in the labor force.

This toolkit is separated into 15 categories for you to easily find research, best practices, and examples from local employers of strategies that work. The tools are intended as a resource to help leaders develop and deploy solutions for their unique needs.

Quick navigation for all employers just embarking on DE&I journey, with emphasis on small companies.
Our goals for DE&I, and why CEOs believe attracting and retaining diverse talent is good for business.
Advice for leading diverse teams while managing and anticipating change.

Policy, governance, and leadership strategies that champion DE&I.

Strategies to find and keep diverse talent, from school partnerships to onboarding and promotion.
Inclusiveness in holidays and dress codes; flexibility in work arrangements.

Examining pay equity and removing bias from job descriptions.

Resources for training and insights on unconscious bias, cultural competency, and racial equity.

The indicators of progress toward DE&I goals.
Storytelling, social platforms and other strategies for diverse and inclusive engagement.

The importance of environmental stewardship and its role in economic growth.

Resources for engaging and networking beyond the workplace.

Strategies for considering diversity’s role in innovation.
Leveraging consumer insights to engage with an increasingly diverse market.
The business case for supplier diversity, with strategies to implement and measure.