Workforce DE&I Program

Employer-Led Strategies to Advance DE&I

West Michigan cannot become a Top 20 region for talent if it does not attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce. This requires employer-led strategies that include diversity, equity, and inclusion criteria.

To help West Michigan employers make measurable progress in workforce DE&I, TalentFirst has designed and implemented four key strategies. 

Our Strategies

CEO Commitment

Leadership matters. CEOs who sign this commitment have pledged to include DE&I in their talent attraction, development, and advancement strategies. The commitment sends a powerful signal to employees and the community, underscoring the seriousness with which these priorities are taken. 

Benchmark Survey

This annual survey provides confidential baseline data to help employers understand their current cultural and demographic landscape. The information provides valuable insights for strategic planning, enables benchmarking against others in the region, and measures progress year over year. Check out our interactive dashboard displaying regional performance in DE&I best practices. 

DE&I Employer Toolkit

This toolkit is organized into 15 categories for employers to easily find research, best practices, and strategies that work for local employers. These tools are designed to help leaders develop and deploy solutions for their unique needs.

Inclusive Leadership Development

DE&I implementation is a journey. These events provide CEOs and their leadership teams with practical methodologies to drive DE&I strategies throughout organizational leadership, talent management, and workplace culture. 

Join the Movement

Be among 75+ CEOs across West Michigan who are championing and supporting impactful DE&I efforts within their organizations.

Email us to find out how to participate in TalentFirst’s Workforce DE&I Program.