Artificial Intelligence Changing Hiring Practices

This blog post refers to an article from Fortune, which can be read here.

Fortune reports that a growing number of employers are utilizing artificial intelligence to aid in their hiring process. Companies can now screen candidates using software that determines who the best candidates for a job are according to patterns that most humans may not notice.

Artificial intelligence (AI) programs can analyze everything from the language an applicant uses on their resume to the micro-expressions they make in a video interview. Various types of software can learn what word choice, facial expressions, and voice inflections are indicators that someone is the right applicant for the job. AI can even survey an applicant’s social media to predict whether they hold values that are important to the company. These tools can help employers choose workers who will fit in with their company well and stick around.

Retention is important to employers because of both the high costs associated with high turnover and today’s competition for qualified talent. AI can search for clues that an applicant might be likely to leave a job after a short time. These programs may analyze word choice from a potential employee’s references to guess whether turnover may be an issue.

Looking for evidence of soft skills

AI is also helpful to the hiring process because often, our impressions of others may be incorrect. Research shows that often, measures such as grades, test scores, and previous leadership roles may not actually be as important to success in the workplace as soft skills or personality traits such as perseverance. AI can search for these more important characteristics while a human may be distracted by the achievements listed on a resume.

Similarly, employers may overlook great candidates because of their unconscious biases. Software can be programmed to ignore markers of gender or race or hide names, pronouns, or personal identifiers from the humans reviewing candidates. This helps to ensure employers have a diverse staff.

While AI programs are not perfect, they are very useful tools for employers who may be overwhelmed by the number of candidates they must review. AI can help large employers narrow their pool of potentially hundreds of applicants as well as save valuable time for small businesses.

For more information about talent attraction and retention, check out Talent 2025’s working group.

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