Announcing two new resources for employers

Two new resources for employers are now available on the Talent 2025 website. Launched in May, LEADR Exchange and PIVOT allow West Michigan employers of any size to access information on talent attraction, development, & retention and workforce diversity, equity, & inclusion, respectively.

LEADR Exchange


LEADR Exchange is a collection of best practices from West Michigan employers that allows them to share their talent attraction, retention, and development efforts. Employers can search by location, industry, or talent effort to learn about various best practices that have already been proven to work in the region.


Each featured best practice includes a video from a leading West Michigan human resources manager or director. Employers can quickly and easily learn about the best practice and how they may utilize or replicate a program for their own employees.


Currently, seven best practices from six local employers are featured by LEADR Exchange. They are:

  • FZ (Feyen Zylstra)’s FZ Impact and In-House Apprenticeship Program,
  • Hello West Michigan’s area-wide talent attraction,
  • Meijer’s effort to hire individuals with disabilities,
  • Spectrum Health’s Veteran Explorers Program,
  • Haworth’s summer internship program, and
  • United Way of Mason County and Lakeshore Employer Resource Network of Mason County’s Employer Resource Network.

In addition to these best practices, new programs will continue to be added to LEADR Exchange from a variety of employers.



PIVOT is an employer toolkit focused on workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) issues. It is designed to help employers learn about and implement DE&I practices and, ultimately, attract and retain talent and improve their businesses.


Employers can access a variety of resources from fifteen categories, including:

  • Getting Started with DE&I,
  • Vision, Strategy, and Business Case,
  • Leadership and Accountability,
  • Structure and Implementation,
  • Recruitment, Retention, Development, and Advancement,
  • Benefits, Work-Life Integration, and Flexibility,
  • Job Design, Classification, and Compensation,
  • Learning and Education,
  • Assessment, Measurement, and Research,
  • Communications,
  • Connecting DE&I and Sustainability,
  • Community, Government Relations, and Social Responsibility,
  • Products and Services Development,
  • Marketing and Customer Service, and
  • Supplier Diversity.

Within each category is information from a variety of sources, from local employers to national media sources. Each submission is sorted by tags that can be searched for related content. The toolkit is also continually updated with new content. 

Have you used PIVOT or LEADR Exchange? What do you think of the content? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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