Health care and Construction expect to see growth in West Michigan

In Talent 2025’s annual West Michigan Talent Assessment and Outlook report, we have traditionally reported on the occupations in which we expect to see growth. Using the State of Michigan’s Long-Term Occupational Projections, we are able to look at the jobs expected to grow over a ten year period. In our last report, the projections went out to 2022. 

Using similar data from the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives, we can also take a look at the industries which are expected to see growth over the same time period, specifically for our 13-county West Michigan region. 

Health care and construction are the big story

Looking at the top subsectors by percentage expected growth through 2022, we see six of the top ten industries concentrated in two industry sectors: Health care and social assistance and Construction. 

With regards to Health care, the subsectors Social assistance, Ambulatory health care services, and Hospitals are all expecting to see growth in West Michigan at or above 23%. This includes numeric job gains of 2,730, 6,420, and 7,440 respectively.

Construction subsectors tell a similar story. All expecting industry job growth above 21% are Construction of buildings (+20.3%), Heavy and civil engineering construction (23.5%), and Specialty trade contractors (+21.7%).

Healthcare and several other industries make up the bulk of future job gains

Looking at future industry growth by numeric job change through 2022, some of the same industries, particularly in Health care and social assistance emerge. However, several new subsectors emerge as well.

The largest numeric job growth in West Michigan is expected in Administrative and support services, which is expected to grow in employment from 58,050 to 71,850 (adding 13,800 jobs, or 23.8%). This industry includes many occupations such as Customer service representatives, Team assemblers, and Office clerks, general, which are all expected to see significant growth.  

Another large industry not previously mentioned is Professional, technical, and scientific services, which is expected to grow from 21,640 to 26,020 jobs through 2022, an expansion of 4,380 jobs, or 20.2%.

What’s next

The new West Michigan Talent Assessment and Outlook report is expected near the beginning of the fall, and will include new regional occupation projections out to 2024. This will give an in-depth view at the occupations and industries expected to grow during that time.

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