Migration Across West Michigan

Michigan and West Michigan


respect to migration patterns into and out of West Michigan, the region continued

to experience a strong positive net migration across the thirteen counties when

compared to the other 70 counties in Michigan. There were 90,678 residents of other counties

in Michigan — and the 49 other states, including Washington D.C. and Puerto

Rico — that moved to West Michigan in 2016. Just over 69,000 of those new

residents, or 76.1 percent, moved to West Michigan from one of Michigan’s 70 other



the region lost 64,041 former residents to other parts of the state, the result

was a net gain of 4,965 migrants from other parts of Michigan. Among the top

destinations in Michigan for those leaving the region were Kalamazoo County,

Ingham County, Washtenaw County, and Wayne and Oakland Counties. Due to the

large inflows of new residents coming from the east side of the state, however,

the top three counties in Michigan with respect to net migration into West

Michigan were all located in the Detroit metro area: Wayne County, Oakland

County, and Macomb County. West Michigan experienced a net gain of new

residents from 49 of the 70 other counties in Michigan.

West Michigan and the Nation


Michigan also experienced a positive net inflow when comparing migration patterns

for the region to migration patterns across the United States. 


the remainder of Michigan, West Michigan experienced a net loss of 173 residents

to the other 49 states located across the nation and to Washington D.C. and

Puerto Rico. The top destinations for former West Michigan residents included

states in the South (Florida, Texas, North Carolina), Midwest (Illinois,

Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin), and West (California and Arizona). On the opposite

end of the spectrum, West Michigan saw the largest net gains from former

residents of Illinois, Alabama, and Pennsylvania, while experiencing the

greatest net loss of West Michigan residents to both Florida and North


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