Talent Solutions Playbook

Gen Z

Purpose over profit

Gen Z (1997-2012) values workplace flexibility above all else. These workers are often drawn to transparent, inclusive, socially responsible organizations. They tend to seek out mentorships with senior staff and prefer to invest their energy into work they find meaningful. They’re highly responsive to digital recruiting and hiring.


  • Flexible schedules, remote work, and project-based learning
  • Assistance with student debt
  • Paid volunteer time off (VTO)
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Mentorship training models
  • Diverse representation in the workforce
  • Programs and policies that contribute to inclusion and belonging
  • Benefits that accommodate non-traditional family structures
  • Employee assistance programs that support mental health

Download a Copy of the Playbook

The playbook provides practical tactics, metrics, and resources to support the recruitment, development, retention, and engagement of talent in the new era of work.


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