Talent Solutions Playbook

Leverage employees

Employee Referrals

Referrals are typically the highest quality hires, with greater retention and engagement rates than their peers. You can also leverage top-performing employees to identify potential sources of high-quality talent by looking back at their education and work history.

  • Establish a robust employee referral program by hosting “invite-a-friend” happy hours to expose others to the company’s culture. Throw sourcing parties with colleagues from the department you’re hiring for to encourage them to comb through their networks. Offer incentives for employees who refer candidates who remain with the organization for a set duration.
  • Evaluate the education and work history of top-performing employees to identify providers that have supplied your organization with the highest share of high-caliber talent. These preferred providers could be high schools, colleges, other training providers, or even community-based organizations that have contributed to individuals’ success within your organization.

Download a Copy of the Playbook

The playbook provides practical tactics, metrics, and resources to support the recruitment, development, retention, and engagement of talent in the new era of work.


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