Lumina Takes a Look at Today’s Student

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What We Are Reading: Lumina Takes a Look at Today’s Student

It is true that throughout America, the students of today are not the same as students of the past. Today’s students face a higher level of financial responsibility and have a high percentage of odds stacked against them. At Talent 2025, we recognize these barriers and have partnered with local colleges and employers to illuminate the problem, evaluate solutions, and advocate for best practices. An infographic from the Lumina Foundation gives statistical insight about the college students of today.  

The average college student may not be young and enrolled full-time

Most people envision that the typical college student is 18-21 years old and going to school full-time. The Lumina Foundation has found that this standard really only makes up about one-third of the college student population. Times are changing and so is the level of diversity on college campuses.  

The study also found that students have greater financial responsibilities (almost half of today’s college students are on their own financially), employment commitments (an average of 19 hours a week), and family obligations (4.8 million college students are parents). Additionally, students in these types of situations are twice as likely to drop out of school in their first year as post-secondary students fresh out of high school.  

What can employers do?

The Lumina Foundation’s infographic provides eye-opening insights into the students of today.  Employers can learn more about The Lumina Foundation and their research, as well as engage with Talent 2025’s K-12 and Post-Secondary Working Groups.  

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