Our Talent Solutions Series is back; Here’s why you should attend

Employers hold the keys to a prosperous West Michigan where everyone can thrive. But first, they must have the talent they need. And that increasingly requires new tools and new strategies.

That’s the simple inspiration for the Talent Solutions Series we launched last year. And just as employers have adjusted to meet the demands of an increasingly dynamic employment market, so have we.

We retooled this year’s Talent Solutions Series to be an even more effective launching pad for ideas, insights and practical problem-solving.

The three-part series will remain a platform for West Michigan employers and HR professionals to connect with peers and local and national thought leaders. But we’re adding more opportunities for direct engagement and hands-on activities, more chances to work alongside peers on deployable solutions to the problems employers are facing.


The series kicks off with a Sept. 13 event and partner fair for establishing talent pipelines – ready pools of candidates who are qualified and prepared to fill critical roles.

We will be releasing more details about expert speakers and the activities for each event – but registration is now open for all of them.

We encourage you to reserve your spot today and get ready to develop the talent solutions your organization needs to thrive. (An added benefit: Attendees earn 2 SHRM professional development credits.)

See a summary of each event below or visit our events page to see an overview what we have planned to support West Michigan’s employers, HR and DEI leaders, and CEOs.

The Talent Solutions Series lineup

Expand Your Talent Pipelines – September 13, 3-5 p.m.

Join us at Prince Conference Center & Hotel at Calvin University in Grand Rapids to build bridges with education providers, nonprofits and vetted staffing firms who partner with employers to help you grow and diversify your talent pipeline. In addition to a panel of experts on building pipelines to attract diverse talent, this event includes a partner fair so attendees can meet with a wide range of sources for prospective employees. Register here.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand – October 11, 3-5 p.m.

Join us at GVSU’s Seidman Center in Grand Rapids for a workshop-style event where you will begin to uncover your employer brand and establish an intentional plan to strengthen it. Register here.

Enhance Onboarding & Career Pathways – November 8, 9-11 a.m.

Join us at The Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville for a workshop-style event focused on developing a framework for onboarding and development that can be customized to each employee. Register here.

An updated Playbook

Also new this year will be the third edition of our popular Talent Solutions Playbook, which provides the framework for the series. In the year since publication of the first edition, we have distributed 1,000 copies across our 13-county region. Hundreds more digital versions (PDF) have been downloaded from our website. The proven strategies in The Playbook are designed to give employers the tools they need to continue leading the way to a better future for West Michigan, where prosperity is within reach for all.

The Playbook and Talent Solutions Series are part of an array of data-informed resources TalentFirst provides to support West Michigan employers, who are uniquely positioned to address our region’s challenges by addressing their own needs for talent.


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