Talent Solutions Playbook

Leverage skills-based assessments

Identify Desired Skills

Determine how skills will be assessed at each stage of the interview process and decide on a baseline that candidates must meet to progress.

  • Prescreen and rank candidates based on desired competencies by creating an application infused with skill-related questions. Responses can be automatically evaluated by an applicant tracking system or used by recruiters during initial screening.
  • Once candidates have progressed through the initial screening, conduct a more thorough review of skills and qualifications early in the process by using hard skill evaluations (like computer skill assessments or cognitive tests) and soft skill assessments to gauge personality and cultural add.
  • In lieu of a final interview, consider conducting a job audition to observe candidates’ hard and soft skills while performing tasks they would be hired for. This is a great way to showcase company culture while assessing a potential new hire’s aptitude and personality on-the-job.

Download a Copy of the Playbook

The playbook provides practical tactics, metrics, and resources to support the recruitment, development, retention, and engagement of talent in the new era of work.


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