Talent Solutions Playbook

Generation X

Seeking stability

Generation X (1965-1980) values flexibility, as these workers usually have responsibilities for aging parents as well as their own children. However, they tend to emphasize financial stability over purpose, equity, or advancement. Generation X tends to be drawn toward traditional benefits, such as employer-sponsored healthcare and retirement options and competitive salaries, as well as greater autonomy at work. They are comfortable adapting to new technologies and respond favorably to digital and face-to-face communications.


  • Flexible schedules, remote work
  • 401K plan with matching benefits and retirement bonuses
  • Tax-advantaged accounts (Flexible Spending, Health Savings, Health Reimbursement Arrangements)
  • Student Loan Assistance programs (more for their children than themselves)
  • Mortgage services

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The playbook provides practical tactics, metrics, and resources to support the recruitment, development, retention, and engagement of talent in the new era of work.


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