Talent Solutions Playbook

Partner with education and training providers

Connect with Local Training Providers

Collaborate with local providers to determine which courses and programs align with the skills the organization needs, to communicate the value of upskilling to employees, and to help workers navigate enrollment and funding.

  • Work with local education and training providers to align internal pathways to existing courses and programs, which can be listed as recommendations in the organization’s career maps. This can ensure the content being taught in these courses aligns with real-world expectations.
  • Local education providers likely have staff who are solely responsible for recruitment, meaning they can help employers effectively communicate the value of a program to their employees. They also can provide one-on-one support to employees struggling with enrollment or financial aid.

Download a Copy of the Playbook

The playbook provides practical tactics, metrics, and resources to support the recruitment, development, retention, and engagement of talent in the new era of work.


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